HDD/SSD Eraser Software Bootable Flash Drive

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How to Wipe your HDD 


Step 1: select boot from USB at Computer start-up. 


Step 2: select your language and click continue. 


Step 3: Select the HDD/SSD you want to erase and click on start.


Step 4: select US DoD 5220-M option and click on start. 


Step 4: it will ask you to confirm before wiping to ensure you clearly understand everything on the hard drive will be wiped and can’t be restore. Click on OK if you agree.


Step 5: It will ask you to confirm again by clicking on 2 Check box to make sure you understand once it wiped, all data is gone including photos, video, OS, software and etc.. and leave your hard drive blank. Check the 2 box and click on confirm. 


Step 5: sit back and relax while the software is destroying and wiping everything on your hard drive. This could take 20-90 minutes. I usually stop the program at 53% completed. That will give it enough time to actually wipe it clean, but if you want to be 100% ensure then wait to completed.

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