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Repairs Service calls 

We provide in-house or on the call repairs & setup. Price are depend on services, parts, and labors times. We ensure all our works are 100% guaranteed and back by 30 days labors warranty and 1 years parts warranty if we replace or add any parts. 

Service we offer: 

1. Wireless & network setup $109-299 

2. Software reinstall & setup $69/hrs

3. Viruses, spyware, and online threat removal $69/hrs

4. TV setup, Media Center setup, Security camera setup, security system setup and etc.. $129/hrs 

5. Cellphone repairs: screen replacement, hardware repairs, software repairs, android upgrade, iOS upgrade and etc. $89-199 

Labors & Parts Pricing 

Pricing you see above is base of some work that was completed. We try to make all our pricing fair as possible. Pricing above may or may not includes parts, wiring, materials and etc.. that need to be purchase separately. 

To orders & hand tech setup

Please click buy now and pay the initial $69 base call. Within 24 hours our tech will contact you and arrange any service that is need. Whatever the difference will be paid upfront before service completed.

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